Welcome to Get Well - Stay Well NZ.  We are based in the Far North and have clinics in Kerikeri and in the process of  setting up an Auckland Office. As well as ongoing Clinic Days in Sydney every 3 months.

What's different about our approach ?

To maintain high energy levels and a healthy vibrant body, we need to look beyond the current ‘fix it when it’s broke’ mentality. Cancer, heart disease, arthritis, neurological and autoimmune disorders are increasing at an alarming pace – Invest in your ‘Health Strategy for Life’ We will design and facilitate a Personalized Program to suit  your exact Health & Well-Being requirements.

Health Strategies For Life

In the last 10 years Medical Researchers have made some incredible breakthroughs in their understanding of how we get sick and most importantly how to prevent it. With all the research into Chromosomes, Genes and DNA these researchers are beginning to get a clearer idea of how a disease process starts. One of these breakthroughs is the body has a blueprint for repair and maintenance which they call the ‘Bio Field’ .

This ‘master blueprint’ is responsible for the replacing of 300 million cells per minute which means the body is always rebuilding itself and trying to restore health. The key to all this is are we helping this healing process or making it difficult for the body. Using the Physiospect 23 Analysis System we can access this ‘blueprint’ and evaluate the likelihood of a potential health problem before it becomes a full blown condition.

This state of the art Physiospect Non Linear Analysis technology has been used in many parts of the world with great affect in restoring Health as well as an excellent tool in preventative health care.

Many people today are tired of suppressing their physical 'symptoms' and ignoring the cause or ‘primary driver’ of the condition resulting in a confused, tired and toxic body.

Fortunately modern Medical Research is telling us that to restore Health we need to start with the Fundamentals and build our health up by restoring balance within our systems i.e.. Acid/Alkaline Balance, Stress/Relaxation, Fresh enzyme rich foods/Processed denatured food and of course the right amount of exercise for your body/blood type.

Once this is addressed we can put together an ongoing Wellness Strategy which encourages Health.

Whether you have a particular health concern or just want to stay Healthy and Vibrant, a Physiospect consultation will take your Health to a whole new level.

Tom has spent the last 25 years researching, teaching and helping clients restore their Health and Wellbeing, his Holistic approach and experience coupled with the latest breakthroughs in medical research has enabled him to formulate effective strategies for people to get more out of life.

Tom and his partner Kanjini ran Health and Wellbeing Programs in Thailand and Bali for 7 years where they worked with clients from all over the world. Returning to New Zealand in 2012.

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