Client Feedback

Once again I would like to thank you for the wonderful week in Ubud - both my physical and mental health feel like they have gone ahead in leaps and bounds! An earth moving week for me! Your skills, knowledge, kindness and honesty make you a wonderful team. I look forward to coming again next year.”... (MM, Brisbane)

“The effect of my detox are still there , actually I’m being very carefull about what i eat and drink , and wish to thank you again for your warm welcome and the fantastic week i spend with you there. Well i forgot to tell you that i lost 5 kg i did not expect that much.” ... (FA, France)

“Hi Tom, a belated thanks to you both for giving me a kick start to a brighter and happier life" ... (LJ, New York)

"I feel great since returning even though I've made one or two landmark decisions! Also, I've cut dairy and wheat out from my diet and not drinking alcohol during the week and laready I've lost 2.2K. Frantastic...
Before I left I meant to ask Kanjani what kind of yoga we were doing as I'm keen to continue. Could you let me know that would be great. Also, I've cut dairy and wheat out from my diet and not drinking alcohol during the week and already I've lost 2.2K. Fantastic. Sincerely, thanks Tom for all your help. If you're ever passing up north get in touch. You and K would be welcome in my home anytime.” .. (RH, London)

“Well it has now been approx. 6 weeks since I embarked on the biggest health kick in my life and I thought it was time for an update.I have continued with a vegan diet of mainly raw foods, vitamin supplements and loads of meditation. I have followed the blood type diet that you gave me and it's been fantastic. The proof has come in that I have received results of a 2nd MRI scan. As you can imagine this is great news and I will now continue with the program and monitor the results.”... (NH, Australia)

“Just a brief note to say I arrived home safely and was pleased to note when I stood on the scales, that I did in fact loose 11 whole pounds. Thanks to the programme and your inimitable style in presenting it.
Equally important, is the fact that I am sticking to the advice and guidance you gave about food and maintaining good mental/spiritual health.” ... (AA, London)

"I feel great and refreshed and generally on top of the world , I really do feel that this was the best thing I did for myself in a long while. I have to tell you Tom that you were spot on as far as my weight was concerned , I lost 3 1/2 kilos. Once again many thanks for a wonderful, enjoyable and successful week."... (VA, USA)

"We have just entered civilisation again. We are in Milan after a heavenly week on Gili Air.
So this is the moment to say THANK YOU again... The cleanse was amazing and we feel great.
I'm sure I'll be calling on you at intervals for nutritional advice."... (S and T, Here there & everywhere)