Consultations - Northland and Auckland...

We have Clinic days in Kerikeri and are planning on Auckland in the near future.

Using our Holistic approach our aim is to restore Health (balance) and Vibrancy (youthfulness) back to your system. To do this effectively we need to look at the underlying 'cause' (the driver) and not be sidetracked by treating symptoms (disease management)

We are very fortunate to have the Physiospect NLS Analysis Device to allow us to see levels of detail never possible before.

It is also very important to look at the 'structure' as accidents and injuries can set the body up for health or low energy issues.

Physiospect 23 Analysis System

With all the research into Chromosomes, Genes and DNA these researchers are beginning to get a clearer idea of how a disease process starts. One of these breakthroughs is the body has a blueprint for repair and maintenance which they call the ‘Bio Field’. This ‘master blueprint’ is responsible for the replacing of 300 million cells per minute which means the body is always rebuilding itself and trying to restore health. The key to all this is are we helping this healing process or making it difficult for the body. Using the Physiospect 23 Analysis System we can access this ‘blueprint’ and evaluate the likelihood of a potential health problem before it becomes a full blown condition.

The first step is to gather data on exactly where we are 'health-wise' - we do this using the Physiospect 23 Analysis System .

'Structural Integrity' - A major breakthrough in structural and general well-being. - 'Neural Organization Technique' is a system for organizing the nervous system and therefore the body it controls. The neurological system has to cope with the daily ups and downs of life as well as a list of past physical traumas – head hits, car accidents, whiplash, and even injuries from birth. N.O.T has given us the ability to realign and revitalize our systems by resetting your system back to its natural state.

'Understanding What Foods Keep You Healthly and Vibrant'

Do you feel bloated or tied? Has your got up and go got up and left?

Over the last 20 years science has come along way in helping us understand what foods and nutrients energize us and what food de-energize us. We can how put together a personalized Nutritional Program based on your bodies requirements.

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