The reason we offer the 'Intensives' is some clients have pressing health issues that need a multifaceted approach which need to addressed as soon as possible. These intensives take between 6 - 7 hours usually spread over 2 days.


Get Back on Track -
The Ultimate 21st Century Solution to Regaining your Health & Vitality

This Program is designed for the person who feels like 'maybe its time to get back on track' - In today's modern day world it is very easy to get totally immersed in 'Life' - (Business-Family-Goal Setting etc). Then suddenly we find ourselves a little 'out of salts' maybe high blood pressure, blood sugar or with a few extra kilos.

Well the good news is its not to late to Revitalize, Re-invent and Invigorate yourself. Just as your car needs some TLC and a 'healthy' dose of technical tweaking to regain its zip and vigor; we as 'Human-Beings' are a little more 'evolved / involved' than your average 4 door sedan - with the correct knowledge, tools and strategy we can get you back on track and fully functional in the 'game' of Life.

We have just acquired the very latest 'State of the Art' testing equipment from Russia - The Physiospect - this gives us an insight into the degree of Energetic Balance in your Organs, Tissues and Cells of the body.

Physiospect 23 Analysis System

In the last 10 years Medical Researchers have made some incredible breakthroughs in their understanding of how we get sick and most importantly how to prevent it. With all the research into Chromosomes, Genes and DNA these researchers are beginning to get a clearer idea of how a disease process starts. One of these breakthroughs is the body has a blueprint for repair and maintenance which they call the ‘Bio Field’ .

This ‘master blueprint’ is responsible for the replacing of 300 million cells per minute which means the body is always rebuilding itself and trying to restore health. The key to all this is are we helping this healing process or making it difficult for the body. Using the Physiospect 23 Analysis System we can access this ‘blueprint’ and evaluate the likelihood of a potential health problem before it becomes a full blown condition.

This state of the art Physiospect Non Linear Analysis technology has been used in many parts of the world with great affect in restoring Health as well as an excellent tool in preventative health care.

The first step is to gather data on exactly where we are 'health-wise' - we do this using the Physiospect 23 Analysis System .

So what is Bioimpedance Analysis (BIA)?

BIA was originally developed for monitoring patients after surgery in a hospital setting. This 'state of the art' technology

provides us with an insight into aspects of our cellular health, as well as how much fat and lean muscle we have.

Most importantly this data gives us a picture on how well our cells have the capacity to hold charge (which will reveal our true 'Biological Age'). This science has been used by NASA in several space missions to monitor the changes in the astronaut's body composition.

Manage your weight more effectively

Increase muscle tone and fitness

Improve energy levels

Age healthily

Support the nutrition and health of cells

We can use this technology to formulate an effective 'strategy' to achieve Vitality, Longevity and Healthy Ageing.

Other Components of this 'Personalized Clinical Program' include:

'Detoxification' - Colon cleansing is the most essential part of detoxification. (Program includes Optimum Wellness Detox Program) - Rid your intestines and colon of the years of amassed toxins and waste products. The corner stone of Health and Well-Being.

'Balancing Blood Sugar' - The body’s ability to regulate blood sugar is also important to overall health, weight control, and moods. During this program we will test Blood Sugar Levels and use special minerals and herbs which aim to restore this balance.

'Blood/Geno Type Eating Program' - the common sense approach - Your blood type is a powerful genetic pointer. Eating the correct food for your Blood/Geno Type is one of the major components in Health and Well-Being. This 'Blood Type' data is the missing link which can take us out of the 'see-saw' crazy fad diet cycle.

'Stress and the Power of RELAXATION' - One of the major debilitating factors in Life is "STRESS". - Continuous strain on the autonomic nervous system leads to a high level of stress, one of the elusive causes of many chronic diseases. Stress due to the mismanagement of the human mind and emotions significantly harms our health, inhibits our ability to perform to our true potential.

'Keeping your body at the correct pH' - Probably the single most important piece of health data. Restore your body to its correct pH. Its a little known medical fact that if your body becomes too acid it is just a matter of time till your health starts to spiral downwards at an alarming pace.

'Structural Integrity' - A major breakthrough in structural and general well-being. - 'Neural Organization Technique' is a system for organizing the nervous system and therefore the body it controls. The neurological system has to cope with the daily ups and downs of life as well as a list of past physical traumas – head hits, car accidents, whiplash, and even injuries from birth. N.O.T has given us the ability to realign and revitalize our systems by resetting your system back to its natural state

The 'Get Back on Track' Program is highly personalized with daily 1 on 1 time to maximize each day's 'Strategy' to ensure maximum results. So whether your goal is 'Weight Loss' - Vitality or Longevity - This Program is the one...